Sunday, February 25, 2024
Sunday, February 25, 2024

SYRIZA: Three days of the Parliamentary Group in Spetses asks Kasselakis! Will the party congress follow in Mykonos?


A call for Spetses was made to the party's deputies during the three-day weekend of January 19-21 by the chairman of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis. The event, however, made sources around Koumoundourou wonder if the “popular” new party chairman will decide to hold the party in a beach bar in Mykonos, which is also very in at Easter.

Specifically, the invitation was received last night by email by members of the of SYRIZA while the sender was the Secretary of the party's parliamentary group, Theodora Tzakri, cutting the message of the party president.

According to reports, the e-mail was reportedly answered by SYRIZA's State MP Elena Akrita, expressing her opposition to the style of its composition.

The message Kasselakis sent to SYRIZA MPs by Theodora Tzakri is as follows:

“Dear colleagues, happy new year.

January is a busy month in view of and in preparation for our Congress.

In this context, the President Stefanos Kasselakis has entrusted me as Secretary of our parliamentary group to forward to you his invitation for the Group's working to be held from 19 to 21 January in Spetses.

The content of the meeting is to take stock of the work that has been produced and in each parliamentary sector and to present the planning and prioritization of actions for the first half of 2024.

Eventually, you are invited to present specific proposals for tabling legislative proposals.

The power point presentation for each sector may not exceed 30 minutes except for the economic sector which will be 60 minutes. Power points should be sent by 18 January.

Details of the trip will be sent out soon.”

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